Lumpia Sarijaya, A Tasty Lumpia in Malioboro

When I’m walking around Malioboro street, I stumbled upon an interesting snack lapak (booth). Lots of people are crowd around it. Curious, I’m coming closer. Turns out it was selling lumpia.

Lumpia is a traditional snack originated from Semarang. It’s a mixed minced vegetable, like bean sprout, carrot, bamboo shot, and some other covered in thin batter, and then fried in oil. Nowadays, lots of people modify the filling with shrimp, minced chicken, and pork. It’s not always filled with meat. There are also lots of lumpia menu for vegetarians.  Continue reading


Malioboro, Yogyakarta’s Icon of Tourism

Long time ago, Malioboro was just a name of the road. Years passed and nowadays, Malioboro become the most iconic area for Yogyakarta. It’s on the top of the list for almost every tourist that planning to spend the holiday in Yogyakarta. Even all my friends and fams from outside Yogyakarta always put Malioboro in their must-visit list.  Continue reading

The Perks of Living in Archipelago – Ship

In a week, I’m going to visit my old buddy. I’m wondering whether I should buy ticket for plane or ship.

But that guy just lives on the next island. And unfortunately, his house is neither near port nor airport.

Sometimes I hope there are inter island bridges. But then again, the new problem show up, either very high infrastructure budget or unsafe structure.

But there are some pros, right? Yes. Even with such problems, I found some perks of living in archipelagic area.  Continue reading

Me and My Blog


I love to visit new places, any places, from multi story buildings to the middle of the jungle.

I’ve visited many tourism spot since I was a kid. It was very fun. I got lots of new experiences. Too bad many of them undocumented.

That’s why I create this blog. In the hope that I don’t forget to document my trips anymore. Moreover, I think it’s a good idea to share some information about trips and everything related, isn’t it?

So here we are, Republik Suketlandia. Hope you enjoy reading it.