Pantai Baron, The All-Round Beach

When I was child, there are not many option for beach tourism in Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta. Most of them still isolated, or unmanaged. That was very different with nowadays, where people competing to open the beaches.

Looks like I have to give salute for locals, government and the stakeholders. 

Now let’s come back to the topic

Baron is one of most popular beach for Jogjakarta people, both young and old. It was opened for public tourism since very long time. I have been visiting Baron beach numerous times since I was child. So every time there are changes on the beach, I immediately notice.

There are three words to sum up Baron beach. Fun, fish and foods.

It’s fun

In my opinion, Baron is perfect for everyone who loves swimming in the shore. If you aren’t keen on swimming, you still can rent a boat to roam around the shore.


This is eastern part of the beach. It’s relatively safer here to swim since there are no strong wave.

Remember, this is one of Java southern beach, which is facing directly with Indian Ocean. If you really want to get into water, please don’t go too far away from the beach. Since the shore actually pretty slope and sometimes there are unpredictable, unseen strong currents.

Those boats actually fishermen boats. In daylight, you can rent the boat for IDR 10,000 per person for short distance roaming, or IDR 20,000 for long distance roaming. One boat can be fitted for maximum 12 people.


Lots of people using this service. A new trend on this beach?

It’s mandatory for everyone to comply with safety rules. SAR (search and rescue) crews will start blowing whistle if you are swimming too far from the beach. Doing that again and cost you a good fine.

Joke aside on the fine.


This is properties for selfies or taking picture with your partner. Unless you want a bunch of boats behind you, I don’t think you’ll get a good background.

There is a lighthouse on the hill next to this beach. It’s active and everyone permitted to get to the top of it. Good spot for photographer.

Fish for sale

There are fresh fish kiosks on the beach. I have to admit, this is the main reason why I always come to this beach.


It’s fresh, and it’s cheap. Also available in cooked condition (mostly fried).

Come here as early as possible if you want to buy fish. If you come too late, you’ll only find day-old fish with lot of flies around.

They have some good foods

There are tens of warung makan (small resto) around the beach. Most of them write the food price on the menu. It’s not expensive. For example, fried shrimp will cost you about IDR 20,000 – 30,000. If you aren’t able to find the food price on the menu, ask the waiter/waitress.

Near the park lot, there are fruit kiosk. Mostly they are selling banana, srikaya (sarikaya; sugar-apple), and sawo (sapodilla). It’s not expensive, too.


It is bigger than regular banana. Looks like those bananas happy to live in the coastal area.

The banana are on my must-buy list, since I love fried banana. Fried banana is banana covered in batter, fried in oil. Taste so good.

Too much to tell in one post

There are lot of untold stories in this post. But I think, I have cover most of them. Even this beach isn’t as wide as other beaches nearby, Baron still have it’s own attraction for tourist. Especially in their superb public facilities, like beach hotel (this one is big, nice hotel), public toilets, benches, wide parking lot, and some more.

Long story short, Baron beach is like a complete package for every tourist. A good place to have fun, hunt fresh fish, and for food lover.


Ticket Per person IDR 10,000
Car park Per unit IDR 5,000
Motorbike park Per unit IDR 2,000
Boat rent – short distance Per person IDR 10,000
Boat rent – long distance Per person IDR 20,000

Location (Query : Pantai Baron)


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