The Perks of Living in Archipelago – Ship

In a week, I’m going to visit my old buddy. I’m wondering whether I should buy ticket for plane or ship.

But that guy just lives on the next island. And unfortunately, his house is neither near port nor airport.

Sometimes I hope there are inter island bridges. But then again, the new problem show up, either very high infrastructure budget or unsafe structure.

But there are some pros, right? Yes. Even with such problems, I found some perks of living in archipelagic area. 

The perk #1


My choice.

Finally I put my money on a ship ticket. I know it’s a slow moving, giant metal vehicle that floats on the water. But hey, it was cheap. I can bring lot of stuff, put those things into my car, and roll the car into the ship.

Perk #2

But actually, that’s not the main reason.


Personally, I consider good weather as a bonus. Why yes, look at those view. 

It feels so good in the sea. There are only water and small islands on the horizon. It goes better when there are no big waves or strong winds.

Sometimes I wonder how it feels like to have a trip in cruise ship.


Seeing sunrise or sunset aboard the ship, anyone?


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