Lumpia Sarijaya, A Tasty Lumpia in Malioboro

When I’m walking around Malioboro street, I stumbled upon an interesting snack lapak (booth). Lots of people are crowd around it. Curious, I’m coming closer. Turns out it was selling lumpia.

Lumpia is a traditional snack originated from Semarang. It’s a mixed minced vegetable, like bean sprout, carrot, bamboo shot, and some other covered in thin batter, and then fried in oil. Nowadays, lots of people modify the filling with shrimp, minced chicken, and pork. It’s not always filled with meat. There are also lots of lumpia menu for vegetarians. 

Let’s back to the Lumpia Sarijaya. It has only two menus, lumpia ayam (minced vegetables and chicken filled) and lumpia spesial (lumpia with lots of chicken meat for filling).


The lumpia booth.

No need to wait too long after placing an order, a warm lumpia served in front of us. It’s served with onion sauce (grinded onion with salt), chopped cucumber, and chili.

The batter was thin and so crispy. But for me, what makes it special is the filling. It tastes deliciously oily.

Don’t forget to bring tissue and hand sanitizer. Malioboro still lack of hand washing facilities.

In case you are thirsty, they also serve drinks, like ice tea. A friend of mine once said this Lumpia Sarijaya available from morning to evening. He ever went there at 07.00 PM and they still serve all menu.

It’s a bit tricky to find this lapak. The easiest way is finding a store called Liman. Everybody in Malioboro knew this famous plastic and carpet retail store. When you find the store, look to the east. You’ll see Lumpia Sarijaya at the east side of Malioboro Street. It might need some time to scan the area.


Lumpia ayam (chicken & vegetable) Per piece IDR 3,500
Lumpia spesial (more chicken meat) Per piece IDR 4,000
Any drink (iced tea, orange squash, etc) Per glass IDR 3,000



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